A way to mindful living


A unique profile tool that brings together important Eastern wisdom with modern Western psychology. The Enneagram has managed to put the complex humanpsyche into a system that makes it more transparent. Knowledge of the Enneagram and the 9 personality profiles leads to an increased understanding of individual behavior and can therefore create far better relationships both personal and in our career. The system is a tool that highlights our destructive behavior and what happens to our personality under stress. Furthermore, the Enneagram show you the unique resources that underlie each profile when we are conscious enough to accommodate stress in a more constructive manner.

When we learn to know ourself at a slightly deeper level and listening to the resources that are ahead of us, it could lead us to major health benefits. If we are part of a work environment that emphasizes our unique resources we would will likely be able to decrease sickness absence and increase job satisfaction. Private we can develop enriching relationships that provide nourishment and lights a spark of life into our lives.

I give introduction courses in The Enneagram. 2-3 days. Both in Norway and abroad.

Next workshop is in Cairo from February  22nd - 24th. 2013~ Introduction to The Enneagram at Four Season Hotel - Cairo ~