A way to mindful living


Being mindful means to be present with all of yourself in the moment. For most of us the moment vanish without us being present. We worry about something from the past or, focuses on something in the future. In many cases, concerns, fears and anxieties fills our lives. With this mixture there is not much room left to experience what is happening right here and now. Our entire society encourages us to be more effective, independent, available 24/7 and last but not least we have to be perfect! This pressure creates unhealthy stress, leading us further and further away from ourselves, and ends for many of us in different diseases.
Mindfulness exercises helps you to become more aware, to listen more to yourself and your body's signals. Being more present in itself can contribute to a more holistic presence where you connect with a greater creativity and sides of yourself you might not had " time" to accommodate in your life so far.
Mindful eating is obviously an essential part of mindfulness, but I offer courses with a special focus on mindful eating. For many children, men and women our bodies serves as a physical protection against the increasing pressure on us as an individual, to manage and comply with current social norms. This pressure is uncomfortable and difficult to deal with. Limits are ignored, we go further and further in order to satisfy the requirements BUT often compensates with food, drugs, alcohol or stronger drugs. This vicious circle can end disastrously and with a variety of diseases such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes, depression, anxiety, morbid obesity, gastrointestinal problems, fatigue syndrome, muscle and joint pains etc. We then get into a circle where we have no contact with ourselfs. Larger amounts of food, pills, drugs etc. is needed to be able to numb ourselves, weight might go up, depression and anxiety increases and we find ourselves in a kind of dark place. Increased mindfulness can give you an experience of rest, letting go, acceptance of what is, kindness, " no striving " and gratitude . Mindful eating often gives a very different sense of what we nourish ourselves with, taste-experiences are enriched and satiety are more balanced in relation to our body's physical needs.
Individual lessons on skype or in person and courses, are arranged by request.