A way to mindful living


Many people are struggling to adapt to the demands our Western societies are characterized by. An extreme body focus, efficiency requirements and all it leads to, to stay updated and available in the rapidly growing digital world etc. Is it at all possible to be available across the board and be securely rooted in ourself? How much energy is back after we've made ​​sure to fit in to everything and everyone? After we have been available via most media? This is where the emptiness comes into play. A growing turbulence extends but we do not always understand what is bothering us. We disappears further and further away from ourselves and who we are. In order to adapt to society ....
This inner turmoil or emptiness is filled with many different substitutes. Whether it is work, exercise, smoking, alhohol or some other forms of drug, self harm, games or a destructive relationship with food and emotions.

From the beginning of March 2014, you will be able to attend a one-week workshop in Turkey where the focus is on your relationship with the different kinds of addictions and emotions. What's behind your urge to hide yourself from your emotions and from who you really are?

The week will be based on internal work filled with mindfulness, creative exercises and a more conscious awareness of your own body and psyche. This is a week where you give yourself the attention you may have longed for much of your life. This is a week where you say a big YES to yourself!

Price in single room with half board will be approximately NOK 3990 or EURO 495 (does not include flight and insurances)

Airport: Antalya - Turkey

If you find this interesting, please register via the contact form or call: 0047 - 950 80 140 or Skype: irene_kingswick.