A way to mindful living

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Many people are struggling to adapt to the demands our Western societies are characterized by. An extreme body focus, efficiency requirements and all it leads to, to stay updated and available in the rapidly growing digital world etc. Is it at all possible to be available across the board and be securely rooted in ourself? How much energy is back after we've made ​​sure to fit in to everything and everyone? After we have been available via most media? This is where the emptiness comes into play. A growing turbulence extends but we do not always understand what is bothering us.


A unique profile tool that brings together important Eastern wisdom with modern Western psychology. The Enneagram has managed to put the complex humanpsyche into a system that makes it more transparent. Knowledge of the Enneagram and the 9 personality profiles leads to an increased understanding of individual behavior and can therefore create far better relationships both personal and in our career. The system is a tool that highlights our destructive behavior and what happens to our personality under stress.


Being mindful means to be present with all of yourself in the moment. For most of us the moment vanish without us being present. We worry about something from the past or, focuses on something in the future. In many cases, concerns, fears and anxieties fills our lives. With this mixture there is not much room left to experience what is happening right here and now. Our entire society encourages us to be more effective, independent, available 24/7 and last but not least we have to be perfect!


If you live in Bergen / Norway I do have some available hours for private sessions. Here you can choose whether you want to work with mindfulness, healing massage, The Enneagram, art therapy or conversations.

Should you find yourself somewhere else in the world or Norway I offer counseling over the phone / Skype.

Please send me an e-mail or call: 0047 - 950 80 140 or Skype: irene_kingswick